Small Towns & the People in Them

My hometown has a little more than 3,600 people. And recently, by talking to people who have moved here, I have had some revelations about how “outsiders” see us.

The one thing that really stands out to me is how we refer to who we know by what year they graduated, who they graduated with and to whom they are related. And since then, I have completely recognized that we all do it and we do it a lot. And what is funny is that the “outsiders” have begun to do it with they whom they are related to in the ones of the conversation.

I love it here. Flaws and all. What town – big or small – doesn’t have flaws. The beauty far outweighs the rest.

Last night, for instance, we had been at a friends’ house for dinner. Afterwards, we took off up the street about a block and a half when our other friends were porch sitting with more friends of ours! We looped around the block, called our other friends and said – meet us at the 846.

Friends, drinks, music, laughter, togetherness and thankfulness.

JW said how just 2 years earlier when they purchased the home and moved back to town she had stated to DW what in the world were they going to do with a porch and beautiful back yard without any friends being away from “home” for so long. She was a little emotional having us all just show up to sit a spell and visit and share our love for our little town and each other. This is what she had dreamed of and we as a whole make it reality.

The kids took off golf carting with other friends honking and waving as they passed by our porch sitting.

We discussed how we can go anywhere whenever we want – do and have – but yet this is home and you can’t wait to get back here. You miss your people.

I love it here and I hope you love it where ever you may be. If not, come porch sit a while. We will have the music playing and wine chilled.

846 CHBlack and white 846


Rodney Atkins song “These Are My People” is so true for all of us. These are my people. This is where I come from. It ain’t always pretty. But it’s real.

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