21 Day Challenge – BuStEd!

I busted the challenge given to me to write something – anything for 21 days. Did I have full intent? Absolutely. I truly believe it is because I don’t always go into my office and when I do go into my office, it is to WORK. I have the WordPress app on my phone. It feels cumbersome. I did delete the Facebook app off my phone which felt amazing. Facebook is full of ads. If I want to see an ad, I’ll pick up a magazine. They are full of them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like people sharing what is going on in the community. I don’t like, however, ads which completely fills my newsfeed.

I just listened to Rachel Hollis featured by Jennifer Atwood on her podcast. She stated, write about real life. Be authentic. I want you to feel like you are friends with me. Talk about what you love.

All of this resonated with me as I am trying to find my place in this blog that I have created. And from this day forward, I promise MYSELF to do better, to be better at writing, and to stop being afraid.

I have a piece I started a while ago about the Red Wine Night I hosted the beginning of this month and this month is almost over! Which brings me to angst as I look at my calendar for the weeks ahead (this one included) and see all of the things that need to be completed, prepared for and attended. So blessed to have very few days within the printed calendar page that are blank – at least at the moment.

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